Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On Sunday we drove and took the train down to Manhattan for the day. We've had so much rain here lately, but managed to pick a good day with sun and not too much heat.

It is only a 2.5 hr drive to the town where we catch the commuter train. We picked the scenic Taconic Parkway instead of the interstate and it was a beautiful drive. From the train station we caught an express train and were at Grand Central station 45 minutes later.

Like our previous trip, we walked along 42nd street until it met with Broadway. We checked out Times Square and then headed toward Central Park.

M2 really enjoyed the street vendor hot dog that I shared with him. Really, he shared about 3 bites with me before devouring the rest. Monkey Girl loved chasing the pigeons around Columbus Circle.
We strolled through Central Park with our friend Erica, who lives in NYC, and her boyfriend. The kids could have spent all day without moving very far. They loved watching the horses, dogs, birds, and people. It was difficult to tear them away from climbing on the rocks and dancing to the street musicians.
After saying goodbye to our friends we took the subway down to Battery Park. Monkey Girl had seen a "statue of liberty" street performer near Central Park and kept wanting to walk over and wave. But, she was too timid to get her photo taken. In Battery Park there were at least 6 "statues" waiting for tourists and at this point she was really excited to pick her favorite and pose.
Last week she and I watched An American Tail for her first time. The Statue of Liberty figures prominently in that movie and she was very excited to see the real thing. Today when she saw this picture she told me that she didn't realize how far away we were from the statue!

From this point we walked back toward Grand Central Station, passing by the Stock Exchange and through Soho and Noho. We headed into Greenwich Village, but ran right into the Pride parade. We had been crossing paths with the route all day, but ran into a huge crowd of people in the Village and had to detour a bit. We made a point of seeing the Woolworth, Flatiron, and Empire State buildings, but again the parade prevented us from getting any closer to the Empire State building.Monkey Girl liked running around in the Park and seeing the Statue of Liberty (both real and pretend.) She walked a lot in the beginning of our day and then rode in the stroller for our hike back to the train station. M2 started the day in the stroller, loved running in the park, and then seeing the craziness from the safety of the Ergo. I can hardly believe it, but he rode on my back for about 3 and a half hours straight! I was happy to have them both constrained when we passed through the crazy street vendors in Soho and the crowds near the parade. I'm glad we made it down there again before our move!


C said...

Okay, first of all, your kids are THE CUTEST. Second, I love that picture of Rebbecca next to the "statue." I hope you had a great trip. I haven't been to NYC in 2 years, but these pictures make me miss it even more!

Marketing Mama said...

Wow!!! I'm so impressed that you did this. I'm just not that adventerous I guess. Great pics and stories. We still use our Ergo, too, but haven't used it for THAT long in a long time. :)