Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camping night

Today the men arrived at 8:30 in the morning to load the truck. Papa was just taping up the last of the boxes they left for us to put odds and ends in. The kids and I sat in the car and looked at the huge (we think it was a 65' trailer) orange truck. M2 was in heaven. MG was excited to see how our stuff would be traveling.

Then we were off for a lovely playdate, complete with running through the sprinkler, homemade mac and cheese, and two dogs to pet. I have totally gotten used to this method of moving!

The apartment was empty at 1:30 this afternoon and the kids had fun running from room to room over and over. Papa said it was pretty wild to see the guys cart out huge boxes and furniture. We both had forgotten how long it takes to load a moving truck and are happy that we weren't in charge of it today.

The only snag so far is that the driver wants to deliver our stuff a day early. This will make for a very hectic day on the 6th, but we didn't feel like arguing with him since we are technically able to accommodate him.

Monkey Girl and I had fun setting up our air mattress, pack 'n play, and sleeping bag in our "tent room." (the master bedroom) She also said there was an activity tent with a few toys and a cooking tent! We ate supper at the picnic table behind our apartment building. Then, after baths, we all relaxed in the living room - playing with a small number of toys and talking. It's a relaxing change of pace to not feel like I need to get a million things done in the evening.

A few days ago I packed 3 bags of activities for the kids. One bag has workbooks that MG will need help with and some cars for M2 to play with inside. The 2nd has activities that will be good for the car where M.G. doesn't have to worry as much about M2 taking her stuff - her toy computer, the magna-doodle, some of her new books that she can try to read to herself. And the 3rd bag has stuff that I know I can leave both of them alone with. All 3 bags have books too.

So far they have been a big hit. We've used all 3 at different times and I've been putting one bag away before we get out the next. I'm thinking they will be handy in the hotel and on the road.

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