Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Get on your bike and ride!

Yesterday I took the kids to our favorite park so that Monkey Girl could ride her big girl bike with one of her friends. M and his sister have the same age difference as M.G. and M2, they were just both born in the spring, so each is a few months younger than my kids.

The park has a lot of paved paths through a wood, across a meadow, and around a pond. The kids had so much fun! Before this, Monkey Girl had just been on her bike in our parking lot. That didn't give her much of a chance to really get going and I loved seeing her take off down the path.

She did a great job steering and using her brake - two talents she didn't seem very confident in before. The path had a few steep hills and she handled them well. She did fall a couple times, but it seemed to happen at random times on flat ground. Both times she jumped right up and got back on her bike. I wasn't sure how far she'd be able to bike on her first longer ride, but she wasn't ready to stop when the rest of us were.

She and and M had a lot of fun riding together too. Seeing them talking and laughing together while peddling off made me wonder when M.G. had gotten so big! And I love hearing her converse with other people. She told M all about her new bike and when she got it and he told her about how fast his bike was and how good he was at riding it. I like hearing that other 4 year olds have trouble being humble as well!

M2 and J watched with interest from their strollers. M2 shouted out when the older kids would shout and if I held the stroller still for too long he'd rock forward and back in order to propel himself.

Several of M.G.'s friends have big kid bikes now and so the running joke is that we'll have a biker gang on our hands with a pack of moms running behind. But, I'm looking forward to more rides before we move at the end of the month.


LutherLiz said...

all 4 yr olds are like that...try having a sunday school class full!

david said...

yeah! congrats on the bike riding!! pretty soon you'll have a photo of you and greg running behind while Rebecca sails tottering forward with no training wheels!!!