Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Magical packing day!

Papa's work is paying for our stuff to move so we went all out with professional movers plus they boxed everything up for us.

This morning two guys showed up at 9. Papa stayed home to supervise and do a lot of cleaning while I took the kids out for the day. We had a snack at my favorite coffee shop, ran a couple errands, and then had a lunch playdate before heading with them to a park. Just as the rain was threatening, Papa called at 1:30 to tell us the job was done!

We zoomed home and I wandered from room to room in awe. It felt like a dream - I left this morning with full cupboards and closets and came home to well labeled, neatly stacked boxes!

Tomorrow they come and load the truck. Again, the kids and I will be out of the way - sounds too good to be true!

I have been meaning to post that M2's language skills have been zooming along. He's been saying "Joe" for a few weeks now and has so many words that are understandable. He tries to copy us and also tries to search for a word that will help us understand him better.

Tonight M.G. had trouble falling asleep and she was literally bouncing off the wall. I went in to try to calm her down and asked what she was feeling about the move - happy, sad, nervous, excited, worried, curious.

M.G.: Well, I have two thoughts. I don't know anything about Maine and I don't know anything about South Dakota.

Me: Well, we're only going to be in Maine for 2 days and we'll be in SD for a long time, but Papa and I made sure it was a good place to be. (Then I talked a bit about why SD would be nice.) Is there anything you are worried about?

M.G.: Well, I'm wondering about the bathroom.
Her first worry was that there wasn't a bathtub. This was a mix-up, she thought I said no bathtub in the whole apartment, when really a few days ago I was showing her a picture of the 2nd bathroom which has a washer/dryer instead of a tub. Once we cleared that up she said:

Well, I don't know how tall the potty will be in our new apartment.

Me: I see, what would we do if it were really tall?

M.G.: Potties are never too tall for grown-ups.

Me: What would we do if it were too tall for you?

M.G.: Would you lift me each time if it is tall like at the mall?

Me: Or buy you a stool to step on.

M.G.: Like Walter? Ok.

I talk more about our plans and mention that we'll start looking for a house, maybe even move in before her birthday.

M.G.: So I am getting a dog before I turn 5?!

Me: I thought we'd say we'd think about a pet.

M.G.: But, we need a house to get a pet and if we get a house before I'm 5 then I can get a pet then too. I love dogs. When we get a dog I will be almost 5 and able to take care of it!

We talk about the care of dogs and she switches to a cat. We talk about that and I ask if she remembers how old Papa was when he got a cat.

M.G.: When I am older, Joe will be older. (long pause) I think we should have one more child. An older child and two younger kids can take care of a pet much better.


capella said...

The magic packing thing sounds great... I am going to have to find a way to arrange that for future moves!

Also, I love the dialogs you write of your interaction with MG. Her voice really comes across well.

LutherLiz said...

I'm glad she's got it all figured out for you! Good luck with the move!

Marketing Mama said...

How awesome to have other people pack your stuff, amazing! We've hired movers before, but still did the packing ourselves. Your way looks better!

Love the conversation with MG. Especially the part about another child. :)