Friday, July 17, 2009

Starting to say goodbye to NY

Wednesday we all went to the farm for our final CSA pick-up. A family that we are friends with has taken over the rest of the season for us.

The drive and visit to the farm each week was always something I looked forward to. It was just such a beautiful area. Here we were walking from the shed where we pick up our box down to a stream that is on the property.
The goats were big favorites. Each week they ran over to tell the goats all sorts of things. When I got M2 out of his carseat at the farm he'd already be saying "Maaa Maaa."
I am already a little envious of our friends who are going to be eating the rest of the yummy produce this season!

CSA: Week 5

Butter lettuce
Red lettuce
Salad greens
Cooking greens
Summer squash, 2
Zucchini, 2
Cucumbers, 4

CSA: Week 6
Butter lettuce, 2
Romain lettuce
Mesclun greens
Beets with greens
Cucumbers, 5
Zucchini, 2
Summer Squash, 2
Snap peas

CSA: Week 7
Butter lettuce, 2
Green beans
Fairytale eggplant
Cucumbers, 5

Last weekend we attended a little "goodbye" BBQ that one of Papa's co-workers threw for him. Near the end of the party, his work group posed for a photo. As they were getting settled, M.G. ran over and made herself right at home. She'll be ready for team photos!

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