Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Professor Monkey

* Today Papa went in to work for a bit this afternoon and then we checked out the farmers' market and found the recycling center. At supper we learned that M.G. has been enjoying sweet corn for a million years, according to her!

* It's been hot this week, around 90, which means I have no desire to take the kids out of the AC. I hope it cools down a bit next week so that we can start exploring the parks. We are also hoping to visit the two nearest "big cities." It feels a little like my small hometown - going to Target or "the mall" will be an excursion again.

* After the farmers' market we packed the kids back into the car and M.G. told us that she had enough of the hot weather. Her little shadow said, "hot" while making the sign for finished at the same time. He has been copying her like crazy this week. It's adorable most of the time and kind of frustrating too, because M.G. knows what she is doing and can incite a 2 monkey riot in short order.

* This morning we opened bank accounts. I walked M2 around the lobby for a bit while the banker printed paperwork. M2 ran up to the tall wooden columns in the lobby and said, "tree!" He ran to each one, wrapped his arms and a leg around each, and made monkey noises without any input from me. I thought that was a neat connection for him to make. I also find it odd that he has never tried to climb a real tree, since he seemed so excited to climb these.

* I'm also surprised at how focused M2 is when he plays with toy tractors. My mom has a few big old metal toy John Deere tractors and M2 jumped for joy when he found them. He drove them all over the basement, parking them in a row and then driving them all to park in a row elsewhere. Today he spent a very long time playing with his own tractor and truck - even making sound effects.
* On tap for tomorrow - drivers' licenses and plates for the car! I find myself realizing that we might be living here for quite a few years when we do these things to become residents. It's a strange feeling, yet exciting too. We're also looking at 2 more houses on the "cruise."

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