Friday, August 21, 2009

Two weeks in...

The days are flying by here. I'm surprised we've been here for just over two weeks now.
  • Tonight was the public garden party at the big fancy garden across the street. It's a beautiful spot and I'm sure we'll take photos there before long. Tonight they had free ice cream (made right here on campus) and live music. We wandered around a bit and had a nice time. Papa and I both reflexively looked for families we knew in the crowd. A habit we picked up in New York, where we often crossed paths with people at the park or other fun events. That made me feel a little nervous and alone here, but also hopeful that in a year or two we'd be working our way into a new community.
  • One of of the other new hires in Papa's department happened to be a grad student that worked with Papa when we lived in Iowa. Small world! He and his wife have a 15 month old daughter and we saw them at our church last weekend. The kids and I met up with the mom and daughter at the water park (the baby pool is free!) on Tuesday and then also played with them at a park this afternoon. Monkey Girl is very excited to have her first friend here and was so happy that they got to play together this week. I hope we can find a few more kids here soon!
  • M.G.'s preschool built a new playground next to the building. The school is actually in the building next to Papa's on campus! We held M.G. up so that she could see over the fence today and it looks like an awesome place to play - with little houses, a strange thing with musical bells and thing attached to it, a big hill with a stone lizzard sitting on it, easels, tunnels, and more. I said out loud that was more excited about preschool than she was and she said, "No, I'm 15 excited!"
  • We picked a real estate agent today! I'm nervous about the whole process, but hopefully it will go smoothly. There is a huge supply of houses for sale here right now, apparently. We're also wondering how much child care we'll need for this adventure and how often the grandparents will want to drive over, since we don't know too many other people to look after the kids here yet!
  • I still think it is crazy that we intend to stay here for a good long while. I haven't lived somewhere permanently* since I left for college in 1996! (*not to say we might not leave here if we aren't satisfied in a few years.)
  • I think we'll take some time this weekend to drive around to a few of the neighboring towns, just to see what is out there!
  • At some point I was going to create a blog post with traveling tips...

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Jo said...

Do not even mention "permanently"! It is not an option! We will FIND a job for Papa back in NY :) Other than that, sounds like a great week. So much excitement. Preschool! A new playground at preschool! A garden party! A realtor! Tell MG that our kiddos have been missing her and she has come in conversation several times the last few days. Maybe a Skype call soon?