Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where did all of this come from?

  • M2 has really loved things with wheels for a long time. We can understand his words for car, truck, bike, tractor, motorcycle, bus, and digger. The wild thing is that he also has been picking out Jeeps and will point and yell "jeep, jeep" until we acknowledge it! It's amazing how accurate he is and that he picks out not only the basic Wrangler (from many different years), but has also identified other models. Occasionally he'll get tripped up and call another SUV a Jeep, but it happens very infrequently.
  • Today at lunch I asked Papa for the time. M2 held up his arm at chest level, with his elbow bent 90 degrees, and pointed to his wrist a few times. Then he lunged for Papa's watch to be sure that Papa understood what I was asking. We haven't ever tried teaching him a sign like that, but I do often point to my watch when I'm giving M.G. her "we are about to leave" time warning.
  • M2 is quite the talker on the phone, as long as you know the correct questions to ask him. He and Grandma B can go on for a while along these lines and he'll be pretty clear.
Grandma: Hello Joe!

M2: Hi!

Grandma: How are you?

M2: Good!

Grandma: Are you having a good day?

M2: Yea!

Grandma: What are you looking at?

M2: Tractor or book or car or whatever...

Grandma: Goodbye Joe

M2: Bye!
The problem is getting the phone away from him in the end!

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