Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School!

This afternoon I dropped Monkey Girl off at her first day of preschool! The program runs Monday - Thursday for 2 hours and 15 minutes, so not a full day of school, but we are still all excited!

Yesterday Papa and I took her to the open house and she loved meeting the teachers and seeing all of the toys. The school built a huge outdoor play area - with play houses, a track for riding little pedal cars around, music makers, and a lot of other things. I think she'll have a lot of fun.

She also saw her first anatomically correct boy baby doll there yesterday and that was the lasting memory she seems to be telling us all about. She doesn't want to play with the boy dolls and will tell us why using anatomically correct words.

Today I drove her to class and in the back seat she was talking to herself, saying things like, "This is such an important day. I can't wait to get there. It is my first day of school!" I dropped her off and she ran to play without a pause. I got a little teary in the car on the way there - a CD of mine that she really likes was in the machine by chance. It was just the two of us and it was difficult not to think about the 3 years we spent together before M2 and how now she's going to be out learning and doing things independently. But, I'm so excited and happy for her as well.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing about how her first "day" went.

When I got home I managed to get M2 asleep for his nap and suddenly this preschool thing is looking very good! He did ask for her several times though.

M2 is 21 months old today and so some of my preschool emotions are spilling over on to him as well. He is practically 2 and such a personality.

My parents came to visit on Monday evening and just left this afternoon. They watched the kids on Tuesday afternoon while Papa and I toured 6 houses and then again that evening when we looked at 5 more. Wednesday and today they stayed with M2 so that we could take in the preschool open house and drop-off today with M.G. alone. He had fun with his Grandparents and is particularly fond of Grandpa. I can see already that they have the same sense of humor. It makes me glad that he didn't cry when we left him at home and that he wasn't even particularly excited to see us when we got back.

Now I'm checking the clock repeatedly, kind of paranoid that I'll be late for pick-up time.

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Recovering Procrastinator said...

The outside play area sounds wonderful. Grace's school just has your typical elementary school playground.

I think all of you will love preschool.