Monday, September 28, 2009


Grandpa B taught M2 to say, "mmmm" when he sees the letter m. He points it out a lot when we are reading.

On Saturday we stopped by McDonald's for lunch and it was as if we had brought M2 to some magical M store just for him!

During lunch he would point and shout, "M!" every time he saw the logo - on windows, cups, food wrappers, inside the store, on other people's cups.

Thursday at supper, M.G. shouted, "Hey, I was snack person on the day before yesterday!" She was excited to tell us all about the job and how fun it was. "The snack person goes with Teacher Jody to the kitchen and pushes the cart back!" The snack person also helps put the pitchers on each table and a few other things. I love hearing what she remembers about school at random times!

M.G. had her first Sunday school class yesterday. They do a craft for 15 minutes, sing and dance for 15 minutes in a different room, and then go to a 3rd room for a bible story and worksheet. I'm the craft teacher for her age group and there are two groups of kids who rotate through the room. The director of the preschool classes has all the lesson plans done, so I think it will be a fun thing for M.G. and I to do each Sunday.

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LutherLiz said...

From another Sunday School director: Thanks for teaching! It is always a HUGE help! :) Go you!