Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool - Day 3!

I'm enjoying another day of preschool with a sleeping M2. We walked M.G. to school today - a 30 minute walk there and a little faster on the way back. M2 fell asleep in the stroller and is still there, propped against the couch so that he is flat.

I walked M.G. into her classroom today and she was excited to show me the boats they floated on water yesterday and the scooter she likes to ride. I found out that yesterday they hid letters around the pirate ship area for a treasure hunt. I love peaking over the playground fence and watching her after I leave. She just dives right in and looks like she is having so much fun. She told me today that she wanted to walk because yesterday she had to run around the track area first (they can drive little cars around a small circle) so that she could get lots of energy to play.

We've had a busy week here. The beginning of school, looking for houses, visitors, checking out a moms' group at our church, and yesterday we put in an offer on one of the houses! We're still waiting to hear, although our realtor did warn us that the owner lives out of state and can be difficult to reach.

We had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa M. They watched the kiddos while we looked at more houses and while Papa and I spent much of Saturday, with house information spread out all over our bedroom, in discussion. We also got to check out the town's harvest fest - with a horse-drawn cart ride and petting zoo. (Plus, "frost-your-own-cookie", free candy, free juice boxes, and free balloons!)

The kids usually seem older after the grandparents have visited, which I've mentioned before, however we are seeing the grandparents more often now and I can't handle this maturation rate! Especially because M.G. seems a good several months older after each day of school. She'll be asking to drive herself before long. (No joke, kids can drive when they are 14 here!)

I'm impressed with M2's communication skills. He is putting a few words together and starting to remember pictures and animal sounds in the books we read. M.G. is surprising me too, as her reading has really taken off.

I still watch the clock too much and am afraid I'll miss pick-up time!

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david said...

Putting an offer down on a house is pretty exciting and all....but frost your own cookies!!! That's great!!!!