Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preschool day 4 and a house update!

This free time while M2 naps is so much fun! Before school started, M.G. would rest in her room while I got M2 ready for his nap, but she was usually up again around the time he went down. His nap time was M.G.'s one-on-one time with me, so we'll have to see if she starts to miss that, but she has told me that the only bad part of school is seeing me pick her up when she still wants to stay!

Today was the first day that M2 and I dropped her off alone. Previously, Papa would walk over from his office (in the building next door) and chat with M2 outside the preschool building while I took M.G. in. M2 has been so excited to see Papa every day and I guess I didn't realize that until today.

He said, "Papa, Beca, School," over and over on the way there, even though I told him that Papa was busy today. He behaved very well inside the building and held my hand while we waited for M.G. to do her little task before school. (There is a table outside the room with a different activity each day - today she had to pick a bag, count the little stones inside of it, and write that number on her paper along with her name. Then she gave the paper to the teacher on her way into the classroom to show that she was at school today. Yesterday they traced shapes and wrote their name. It's a low pressure way to see what the kids know, I think, she could tell the teacher the name of her shape while some students had trouble and today her first 9 was backward, but then she tried it again and got it.)

M2 waved and said goodbye to her and then he and I peeked over the playground fence to see what she was doing. He said, "Bye Beca school!" But, as soon as we turned away from the fence he started crying with such a sad face while saying, "Beca, beca, beca." Poor M2! I managed to calm him down with promises of books and songs at home. When I got him out of the car he was saying, "Mama, Joe. Papa Beca school."

It sounds like M.G. had fun again yesterday. She went to the art room with her small group and on the way into the building today she showed me that room - it's beautiful, huge, and has so many supplies! She worked on a book about the letter R. She also got to pour her own milk at snack time and filled the cup to the very top. She told me she likes her small group (3 other kids all with orange nametags like hers - they eat snack at their own little table, go to the art room together, and various other small group things), but that yesterday she made a friend who had a different color name tag. They played on the playground together and the girl agreed when M.G. asked if she wanted to play in the sand.

This morning she told me that she was the calendar girl for yesterday and got to put the number in the correct spot. She was proud to know just where it went. Although, she is very much looking forward to the day she gets to help by pushing the snack cart. And at drop off I learned that she had figured out the nametag mystery from the first day. She showed me how her last name was on the back of her tag and said that yesterday she learned that it was her last name and not the name of another student. (She does recognize her last name, but probably not upside down while it is attached to her.)

In other exciting news, our first house offer was accepted! We've scheduled the inspection and a radon test. I'm optimistic that the inspection will go well, but writing our closing date on the calendar is when it all started to feel real!!


LutherLiz said...

Congratulations on the house! I hope we'll get to see pictures!

kristine said...

That's awesome that MG is loving preschool.
Phenominal on the house!!! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Nissa Nicole said...

So happy that you guys will have such a big house and all of that yard for fun times. A pergola and a deck?! What will you do will all of that! ;D