Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quick updates

My nights have been going so quickly lately between preparing for home buying, tutoring on-line, and trying to knit a little too in order to be sure to get a few holiday gifts finished.

  • We met with the loan officer at a bank this morning and are go to launch whenever we do find our dream home. We also set up next Tuesday as our first day for looking with the real estate agent. Grandma and Grandpa B are driving over so that we can leave the kiddos at home.
  • Today the kids and I drove down to Sioux Falls in order to check out the zoo. The kids were very good about letting me check out a yarn store as well. (It helped that M2 was in the Ergo and I told M.G. that the better she behaved the quicker we'd get to the zoo.) The zoo was nice, but fairly small and the animals were very close to the path. That made it a lot of fun for the kids, but I wonder if the animals were stressed at all. We were | | close to 3 alligators! We were there in the mid-afternoon and it wasn't busy at all, so we could take our time and talk about all the animals. M2 was going crazy on my back in the Ergo whenever he saw something. It was really fun to hear M.G.'s recap for Papa at supper - she noticed and remembered a lot.
  • The yarn store was also very nice. It's a shame that it is so far away! They have weekly knitting night at the store, but it would be 2 hours of driving on a week night.
  • I am totally out of practice for long distance driving for just an afternoon trip. I had been planning to join 1 or 2 Sioux Falls moms' groups, but I don't think I'd be interested in driving down for regular playdates. I think we'll be grouping our activities as well, so that if we drive down it will be for a longer period of time.
  • I volunteered to be the craft instructor for the 4 year old Sunday school class at our church! A different teacher reads a story and a 3rd teacher leads music. I'm kind of excited about this and that M.G. will be in the class, but that I'll only see her for a 3rd of the time.
  • M.G. is very excited about school. But for some reason she's taken to saying that she has "5 and 7 days until school," then "4 and 7 days." Today it was "2 and 7" days until school starts. Last Thursday I told her she had 2 weeks left and she asked how many days were in a week. I said 7 and she said, "So I have 7 and 7 days?" We did figure that 7 + 7 was 14, but the 7 and 7 must have stuck.

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