Sunday, September 06, 2009

Teacher Amy

On Friday afternoon we were visited by one of the student teachers from Monkey Girl's preschool. The school is affiliated with the college and run by a faculty member. There are 4 or 5 student teachers who each work with smaller groups of 4 or 5 students. Then there are also younger students who help out occasionally.

Teacher Amy is the student teacher for M.G.'s small group. She's a senior in college and studying to get a degree in early child education. We will learn more about the small groups at the preschool open house next week, but I know they stick with their small group for snack time and other activities.

M.G. was very excited to meet her teacher, we talked about it every day last week. Teacher Amy had some questions for M.G so that they could get to know each other better, like what were her favorite activities (painting), songs (the songs from her toy computer), and what was her favorite food (broccoli!) I filled in a few answers too.

I had some permission forms to sign and then Teacher Amy asked M.G. to draw a picture of her favorite summer activity. M.G. drew the baby pool here in town that she visited once. She also had the opportunity to ask the one question she had thought of earlier in the week - is there clay at preschool? And, the answer is yes!

M.G. and her teacher also spent some time talking about the brand new playground, which does look amazing.

The home visit was a great way for M.G. to feel more comfortable with starting school. And I found it reassuring to hear a bit about Amy's background and experience. I always get butterflies in my stomach when M.G. is trying to connect with new people. She puts so much thought into what she says that sometimes she doesn't answer before the adult tries to guess what she is thinking and I can see that it frustrates her. But, I could tell that she was comfortable and so they will adapt to each other.

The open house is on Wednesday and we are all excited to see M.G.'s classroom and meet the other teachers and students. I'm trying not to worry about if she'll make friends, or if the teachers will understand her, or if she will be on her best behavior.

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