Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend quotes

On Friday I could tell that M2 needed a diaper change. I was getting started and talking with him.

I said, " You know, if you have an uncomfortable dirty diaper that is smelly you can let me know and I'll change it for you."

M2 nodded.

So I said, "What would you say if you wanted a new diaper?" (I thought he'd make the sign for change, I review that with him sometimes, or sometimes he'll say the word diaper.)

He made the sign for "where is" and said, "Papa?"

That'll do!

Today Monkey Girl and I were browsing for a new top for me. She super excitedly pointed to the puffy quilted winter vests and shouted, "Now we can do a lot of boating! They have a life preserver in Mom sizes!"

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Revlis Queen said...

oh my god, hilarious on both counts. Whenever I see those puffy vests I can't help but think of Back To The Future when everyone was asking Marty if he was expecting a flood. :)