Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big boy bed!

On Tuesday evening, after M2's crib escape, Papa transformed the crib into the toddler bed. M2 is so very excited about it and really, so is M.G. They both have been playing in there a lot and he'll call to me to come into the room and see how he has gotten into it. He likes to climb up on that safety guard and jump off, so I'm kind of glad we got rid of the taller crib side before he got the idea to try standing/jumping on that.

I still nurse/rock him to sleep at night, so it looks like we've passed the point where we can try letting him cry to sleep. We also haven't had to worry about him staying in bed on his own. I know that is going to bite us at some point down the line.

The first night when he woke in the night he sat in bed until I got him. Last night I woke up to him standing next to me asking for milk. It makes me a little nervous to think about him roaming free at night, but not as nervous as I was with M.G. I think seeing how she always came to us first helped me realize that he'll probably do the same thing.

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Marketing Mama said...

Wow, he's getting so big! I can't believe he's in a toddler bed now. I'm going to try to keep Avery trapped in her crib a bit longer. :)