Thursday, October 22, 2009


In late November, my parents are taking M.G. and me to The Children's Theater in MN to see Cinderella. We are both very excited about seeing the play. M.G. has already been talking about wearing her best dress and how unfortunate it is that I don't have any dresses as lovely as hers.

Now that the end of October is in sight I have been thinking about all the celebrations coming up in the next two months. This morning as she was talking about some princess related thing, I was wondering if I should splurge a little and get her a brand new, slightly poofy and shiny dress that would be a little more princess-like than her red corduroy jumper from last Christmas.

Hmmm.... the difficulties of having a little girl!

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Revlis Queen said...

get something for yourself while you're at it! :)