Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday we closed on the house! It was really a pretty easy home purchasing process in the end. We now have keys and had fun running around all the empty rooms yesterday. The kids and I went over this morning to open the door for the guy to measure for carpet and we plan to wait to move in until it has been installed.

We also have a lot of painting to do and I'm going to need to start a list to prioritize other projects.

I am not good at taking pictures of inside rooms, so I'll post any good photos I take over the next few weeks and see if they fit together to show most of the house.

Front step with the pumpkins that our realtor gave us at the closing for the kids. Kids have been happily playing in leaves every time we are over there. (Nice 1976 inspired door, right?)

Partial view of the front. The top is siding and the lower part is brick.

The kids are so excited about the house. They both seem to love it and run around like wild people when we are there.

This will be M.G.'s room. Everyone who has seen an interior photo has wondered about those stripes. But, as predicted, M.G. was very pleased. "They are wild and I am wild. It is the perfect room." We are using veto power and the stripes will be painted over. She has picked vibrant, bright colors of blue, pink, or yellow for us to choose from... the talks continue.
This afternoon we'll pay for our carpet and find out the installation time line. We're very fortunate that all the Grandparents have offered to help paint and watch the kids so that hopefully we can move in before Thanksgiving!

I'm wondering if it would be strange to take the kids trick-or-treating in that neighborhood, since technically we don't know anyone there. We'd have our light on and hand out candy too... but perhaps we're too new. I don't even know the rules or times for this town... must figure that out!


LutherLiz said...

Congratulations! It looks great (except for the stripes, that room would give me a headache).

I'd totally go trick or treating in the new neighborhood. It is a nice way to get a feel for the families and neighbors and introduce yourself :)

David said...

Becky's room looks kind of like an Airport in the 70's, but I like it...

you own your own leaves!!


Nissa Nicole said...

That picture with them of the pumpkins is the kind of stuff family albums are made for.

Maybe we'll be able to do some family photos at the new house!

Jenn Currey said...

I am so happy for you Sarah! You guys deserve this and I can't wait to see pictures of the colors you chose and what the new carpet looks like! It will be so great to have the kids wake up there Christmas morning. We miss you!

C said...

Congratulations on buying your first house! That's awesome!!! I really like that style of house- it reminds me of some of the houses I grew up around, and it's just not a style of architecture I see around here.

I do admit I'm a little shocked at those stripes! Maybe the last occupant was a former crew team captain :D For me, part of the fun of moving is coming up with stories about the previous occupants based on what they leave behind!

Marketing Mama said...

Yay - congratulations! How exciting - and personally, I like the stripes, but would probably repaint, too. :)

rrao said...

Congrats on the closing! I think you should go with whatever decorations Rebecca wants, because those stripes are awesome and clearly she has good taste. You guys should definitely go trick-or-treating. One should not need to follow rules for Halloween when one has small, cute children that deserve candy.

kristine said...

Congratulations!!! I know I haven't stopped over lately, but I'm still super happy for you guys!! I bet the kids (and you guys, of course) are just loving not being in an apartment!!