Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's Friday to me!

M.G. doesn't have school on Monday, so the kids and I are trekking to MN to visit the Grandparents this afternoon. I'm just getting over a pretty rough cold or flu or something and the kids seem to be mildly sick. It will be a pretty long drive for them, especially without a 2nd adult to throw toys into the back, so I'm hoping it all goes smoothly.

M2 has been very excited. He looks at the toddler photo album and points out all 4 Grandparents. Then he points to Papa and says, "Goodbye Papa! All gone Papa!"

M.G. drew a map for us. Originally it was going to be a treasure hunting map, so she started with an island. She needed to know how to spell island and I started with "I, S, L." She said, in such a "don't even try to pull one over on me" tone - "I said, i-land." But, she trusted me on that one.

Instead of spelling out the states of South Dakota and Minnesota, I explained that people often use abbreviations for states. She got to work on the rest of her map...

In case you aren't familiar with this area of the country, after SD you come to DL (the abbreviation for dandelion land). That next O is a lake. Following that is the North Pole, OL (octopus land), North Dakota, and finally MN. I was pretty excited about octopus land, but she had to break it to me that you can't drive in dandelion land, octopus land, or the north pole - but that they are fun to see from a jet.

M2 had his 2nd haircut last night! He looks like a 2 year old now for sure.

M2 has been saying, "hi-o!" lately. I don't know why he did it the first time, but Papa and I embellished it to sound more like Ed McMahon. He and M.G. get into giggles repeating it at each other. Unfortuantly, the two other little girls in M.G.'s small group also got a big kick out of it yesterday while her class was at the gardens. I guess M.G. got them into it and the 3 of them wouldn't stop. I'm really not sure what the teachers thought - they told me about it, but even their language with me was unclear. Maybe they were frustrated, but maybe just confused as to how it got started. I wanted to say, "Did you ask her to stop? Did she listen when you did?" Maybe I should have.

I did talk with M.G. about school appropriate things to do and she told me that they were outside so it was ok to say the same thing over and over.

It was cute to see one of the other little girls run up to M.G. and say, "hio, hio, hio" as she was leaving with her dad. M2 is usually really quiet at drop-off and pick-up, but he said a quiet "hio" back to her.

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