Friday, October 30, 2009

Little House

M.G. and I started reading the Little House books together after we moved here. We both have been enjoying reading 2 or 3 chapters together on days like yesterday, where M2 took an early nap, or days like today where she doesn't have school.

We've read Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie. We're working on On the Banks of Plum Creek now. M.G. and I have had some interesting conversations over lunch too, about what the characters are doing and what is happening.

I have fond memories of reading my mom's copies of these books, which happen to be in our storage shed now. M.G. really gets into going to the library to get our next installment and she likes to look at the pictures and try to read a little of what is coming up next.

It was a fun time to pick up the series, since the Ingalls family moved around so much. They moved from their home in Wisconsin all the way to Kansas and then to Minnesota in the current book. M.G. and I talk a bit about how that compares to her life so far - moving from place to place. We have it pretty good now, with phone, internet, and cars! It took Pa two days to travel by wagon the 40 miles to town in the 2nd book and they had no hope of hearing from their Wisconsin family much after they moved either.

In a future book, the family moves to South Dakota. We live very near their MN and SD homes, so when the kids get a little older it will be a fun thing to check out.

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liz said...

I've actually been re-reading this series myself the past couple of weeks! I can't wait to share them with Anna once she is old enough, too. They're such good books. It's amazing what their lives were like back then... I have been thinking a lot about things like their Christmas celebrations, when they were thrilled to get new mittens and one piece of candy as gifts! So different from today.

Anyway... great books! I'm glad you are enjoying them together. My roommates and I used to go to Laura Ingalls Wilder Days near Lake Pepin (I think - within driving distance of the Twin Cities, anyway). I can't wait to bring my kid(s) someday.