Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Grandma and Grandpa M grew some huge pumpkins for the kids to choose from this year. We brought two of them back to SD with us after our visit. M.G. asked every day if we could carve them and Saturday morning we finally did.

It took M.G. a while to warm up to the idea of touching the pumpkin guts, but she did a very good job on her pumpkin. M2 dove in and had fun playing.

Papa saved some of the seeds for Grandpa M to plant next year. M2 wanted to help him.

We paired up for pumpkin carving. Papa and M.G. worked together and the other pumpkin was for M2 and me. M.G. picked her favorite and drew the face for Papa to cut.

M.G. was amazed that jack 'o lanterns could have rectangle eyes, amazed and kind of repulsed. She has mentioned a few times how strange it looks.
The jack 'o lanterns are now sitting on the porch and the kids are still talking about them a lot. M.G. gives hers (and hers only, with its lovely triangle eyes) a hug on her way by and M2 waves and yells, "Bye pumpkins!"


C said...

I love that Joe's pumpkin is bigger than he is!!!

David said...

It's important to challenge young minds....rectangle eyes??!!!