Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rainy Thursday

It's been raining pretty steadily all day. It just makes me nervous about becoming a homeowner! It's nice to not worry about maintenance and upkeep.

Yesterday was sunny and the kids went camping in the living room. M.G.'s Ikea tent is the best for taking photos on sunny days!
M2 has been trying to figure out jumping, but isn't there quite yet. Instead he simply lifts both legs at the same time and falls. Kind of reverse jumping... he likes to position himself at the edge of our bed, pick both legs up, then slide/fall to a standing position on the floor. What a wild man.

Hmmm.... I can't figure out why these photos look more pixelated than normal... click on each to enlarge a slightly better looking photo.


kristine said...

Wow. MG sure is looking like such a girl. Like before she looked like a little girl, pre-school girl. Now she just looks so much older. I think she really has a mature face. Adorable, nonetheless.

Monkeymama said...

Kristine, it is the preschool, she seemed to change overnight! :)