Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The days are flying by...

My parents have been visiting since Friday and got quite a lot of painting and yard work done!

The kids have had some fun every day playing in their new yard, jumping in the leaves, and climbing the crab apple tree in the back yard. I did a horrible job at remembering the camera all week, so imagine lots of fall fun. They both tend to cry when they have to leave and when we arrive M2 yells, "Yay, new ouse, yay!!" Here they are on the deck...

Here is M.G.'s room without the stripes!

This is a partial view of the living room area. It had kind of a sea foam color on these two walls, but now is so fresh looking. (Again, blogger fail - I didn't take enough "before" photos of the old paint and carpet.)
The kitchen has become our command center. The "honeymilk" wall in this shot was previously the same sea foam green as the living room, even though it clashed with the counters. Loving it more already! We'll paint the rest of the walls soon.
Even without carpet, the house is looking and feeling so much fresher with painted walls and ceilings. The carpet is scheduled to be installed on Monday and then we can start moving in!

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David said...

you have an island and a deck...that's awesome!