Thursday, November 12, 2009

gobble, gobble

M.G. and I were watching a bit of a cooking show yesterday and they were working on a Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

M.G.: How do they make raw turkey?

Me: They roast it in the oven.

M.G.: No, how do they get the raw turkey to look like that.

Me: (Starting to play dumb.) That is how a raw turkey looks, they bought it at the store like that.

M.G.: No, how does the store make the raw turkey look like that?

Me: What do you mean? Without feathers?

M.G.: No, where does raw turkey come from?

Me: We buy it from the store.

M.G.: Where does the store get it?

Me: (gulp) They kill a turkey, remove its head, and take off its feathers.

M.G.: Do they do that for chicken?

Me: Yes, and turkey, goose, duck... birds like that.

M.G.: But, how do they kill it?

Me (or Papa, he was helping out by this point): They cut off its head.

M.G.: (after thinking for a while) If they do that for a goose, how do they keep the goose from biting them?

Papa: When they cut off the goose's head he can't bite anymore.
Me: He dies.

M.G.: But before that, when they grab him would he bite?

Me: They have a lot of practice, but perhaps they do get bitten the first few times.

Commercial break and the conversation moves on to other things.


LutherLiz said...

Well, at least she didn't seem to horrified :)

David said...

your daughter has achieved the rare combination of artistically and creatively inclined, but also seems to have a scientific distance with questions like this...who does THAT remind me of???