Monday, November 02, 2009

In progress...

The weather is great today and M.G. is going to have so much fun playing outside at school.

We checked out the house this morning and Papa and Grandpa and Grandma M have gotten so much done. All the old carpet is up and they started priming some of the walls. 2 coats of primer later and you can still see those stripes in M.G.'s room!

Papa is going to try to do a little priming and painting in the evenings this week. We hope to move in on the 14th, but that will depend on the paint and carpet. I wish I could be over there painting too, but having the kids running around with wet paint and the carpet tack strips exposed just seems like a bad idea.

All of our things that were in the storage shed are now in our garage. We took quite a bit of furniture from my parents when they moved from their house to their new condo and I had forgotten about some of it until we saw it today.

M.G.'s bike and my childhood red wagon are hanging on hooks in the garage like we live there or something!

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