Monday, December 07, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Still trying to unpack and prepare for the holidays here!

We had our first attempt at Christmas card photos:
I took the kids to Portrait Innovations last Friday and was pleased with how it went. M2 refused to look away from my shoulder for the longest time, but eventually a huge bear lured him to the middle of the room. As soon as the photographer took the first photo, M2 ran back to me. I actually told him if he took a few pictures we'd go to MickyD's for lunch and he ran back to the bear. He sat still for about 5 pictures, but that was enough and he then yelled, "McDonald's," periodically the rest of the morning until we finally went for lunch.

The photos are cute and the photographer did an awesome job of getting a good smile out of M.G. Often her photo smiles look really forced and weird. He had a few of those, but managed to get her to really smile a lot too. I liked that the photographer didn't rush M2 and that they print the photos right then so we didn't have to make another hour drive just to pick up the prints.

St. Nick came yesterday and did not disappoint. These aren't the best photos, but the kids were so surprised by their full shoes. In the 2nd photo they both have huge grins. Right away M.G. said, "There are two chocolate Santas, which are my favorite. They are the size of two treats, so I think we're each supposed to get half." We told her that St Nick maybe wanted her to have treats for several days.

We've been having light, fluffy snow here almost every day and it just looks so pretty. You can kind of see it glittering in this photo. Our back yard has huge trees and we are planning to weed out a few to give us more room back there. The trees are great if you just sit on the deck and look around - very private. But, if we want to actually play in the yard we'll need to remove some of them.

The apple tree in the center of this photo was scheduled to be the first to go. It has killed most of the grass back there, takes up so much room, and left a carpet of rotting crab apples for us when we moved in.

We should have just done it right away, because now I've been looking out at it with the pretty snow and have started to like it. Especially how it blocks the view of that house back there. And it has bird feeders we could fill, and it would be perfect for a tree house and climbing tree (I'll have to post a photo of its neat shape), and it will bloom so nicely in the spring...

Since we are still unpacking and busy with house tasks we decided to just decorate our mini-tree this year. The kids were still very excited and have spent a lot of time just looking at it. Here M2 is helping Kermit to see the tree too.


LutherLiz said...

Happy St. Nick's Day (yesterday) little Monkeys! :)

Nissa Nicole said...

While I know there's nothing that can be done about it, it pains me to no end to think about you guys having to go to a portrait studio. :(

I hope the photos come out well!

kristine said...

Very cute! M2's hair is starting to look sooo dark.