Thursday, January 07, 2010

After all the hustle and bustle...

The kids and I are getting back into the normal swing of things now that we are home and Papa is back at work. They are enjoying their influx of gifts and are getting a chance to play with some of the things they just glanced at during the wildness of gift opening. M.G. was looking for Maine on her new mini globe this morning. I wonder if she is missing the East as much as I am.

This morning we all braved the cold so that Papa and I could change our address with the DMV and get new licenses. As soon as we got home M.G. changed back into her new monkey jammies and decided it was a jammy day. It's beautifully sunny inside, I unpacked the rest of the gifts from our trip, and we're just enjoying the new house today.

Photos from our trip will come soon.


Recovering Procrastinator said...

Good thinking Monkeygirl. I had a jammie day too :)

David said...

looks like you have a nice square of sunlight on the carpet situation there...well done.