Thursday, January 28, 2010

First day back at school!

Today is the first day of Spring semester preschool for M.G.! I'm enjoying my coffee and a cookie in silence and it is nice. I had been worried that M2 would drop his habit of falling asleep in the car on the way home, but everything went well and he is snoozing in his bed.

The preschool has a faculty member who oversees the program and then 4 undergrads are the main teachers. There are several (5-7) other undergrads who are in the classroom for a day or two a week. For them, preschool is a class toward their major of Early Childhood Education. All the college students are new now for this semester and I will be interested in seeing what M.G. thinks about that. Her only school experience so far was with that set of teachers.

Yesterday M.G. was very excited for the open house. She loved seeing how they reorganized the classroom and had fun making her new name tag for the beginning of the semester. She played a bit with a water table they had set up and spent a lot of time in the dramatic play area. She didn't seem interested in seeing if any of her classmates were around, but I supposed seeing fresh toys was exciting to her.

I'm enjoying the quiet now, but I will miss the routine she and I got into over break. M2 was taking long naps, so M.G. and I would play a few board games or do a project and then she'd play with something that is difficult to get into when M2 is awake while I did my own thing for a while. It was really nice to have that time to focus just on her.

In other news, out of the blue yesterday she started holding one of her legs straight and a little twisted when she walked. She told me her leg hurt, but later in the day said her leg was fine again. It's a very pronounced limp movement, but she still has been running and jumping normally. She was doing it at home yesterday and parts of today, at the open house, and Papa said she was doing it on the way to her classroom today. I think we'll just ignore it for the weekend and see if she forgets about it, but for some reason it really irritates me and I have trouble not asking her about it. I wonder if she has some nerves about school starting or if something else is going on.

Anyway, I was going to take a "back to school again" photo before we left today and I forgot, so hopefully I'll remember later. It feels kind of like starting over again, since she had break for so long. Several of the kids at the open house were having trouble with the idea of their parents leaving them at school the next day. I am feeling a little nervous about how M.G. will fit in and how her new teachers will relate to her.

Last night we had a "Happy Spring Semester" party for Papa and M.G. We had a nice meal and used our china (and had black olives on the table, which is a sign of a party for M.G.!), M.G. made table decorations, and we had dessert. She got so excited about it and it was fun to celebrate a little.

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Lucky Cracker said...

Lydia has been having pain in her leg and knee on and off for for about 6 months maybe. Our doctor has suggested that it's probably growing pains, but I find it interesting that M.G. is having the same thing.