Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing Lizzy...

Monkey Girl was given an American Girl Bitty Baby for her birthday this year. She is very fond of it and has named it "Lizzy." It took M.G. several days to come up with a name she liked and then she kept it a secret for a while. I'd hear her calling her doll by its name, but if I asked about it she'd tell me she was still thinking about it. It's public knowledge now though.

Here M.G. and M2 are taking Lizzy on vacation. They packed up all of her stuff and drove in the (rocking chair) car to their campground.

M2 loves Lizzy. He jumps at the chance to babysit when M.G. needs to set her down for a moment. He likes to tuck her into her pack 'n play, sing her songs, and pat her on the back when he holds her. He also likes to throw her off the side of the bed, so we keep an eye on him. Here he is watching Dinosaur Train and rocking the baby.

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