Thursday, January 14, 2010

M.G.'s 5th birthday!

M.G. turned 5 on the 29th! I still am having some trouble believing it, yet I remember birthday's 1-4, so we must be here at 5 now. Yikes!

Her big gift from us this year was a wooden doll house. We gave it to her on the 23rd and she loves it. I think she also likes that I keep M2 out of her room when she is playing with it so that she can have it all to herself.

We were in Minnesota on her birthday, which she was kind of disappointed about. Apparently she thought she'd have a party at home with her school friends, but she didn't tell me this until the way home on the last day of school. We weren't given contact info for any of her classmates, so the boat had sailed on the party idea.

With all of that in mind, we tried our best to make her birthday a super fun day.

Her favorite idea for a party was to go bowling and a really fun alley was recommended to us. We invited friends and relatives and there were nearly 20 of us there, I think. We ordered pizza and brought her cake and she had a great time. (If you are looking for a family friendly alley for a party, this is a great choice. You can pay per hour, instead of per game, and we really liked how they put all of our food, shoes, and bowling on one tab to pay at the end. This location also has laser tag and an arcade.)

M.G. requested a "heart" theme for her party and was so excited when this dress arrived as a Christmas gift from friends of ours.

The bumpers popped up just for the bowlers who wanted them, so the adults on this lane didn't get to use them.

After bowling we spent some time with all the Grandparents at Como Zoo and Conservatory. The primate house was a big hit and M.G. also loved the room at the conservatory that "looked like a place people get married."

Our final stop for the day was supper with the Grandparents at Buca di Beppo, also at M.G.'s request. It's always a tasty and fun place to eat and we told our server that it was M.G.'s birthday. They brought out the big candles and sang to her and she loved it. Can you see her excited face in this photo?

She also really loved the cupcake and ate all of its frosting right away.

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Recovering Procrastinator said...

Looks like it was a blast. Happy birthday!

We'll have to check out that alley. It's not too far of a drive for us.