Thursday, January 28, 2010

School photo

It sounds like the first day was fun - lots of playing mostly (no small group work today) and she got to be calendar helper. Teacher Amy was there reading to some of the kids at pick-up time, which I found to be a nice surprise.

Today, as we were getting ready for school, M.G. was excited to get going. Suddenly she came into the room with Lizzy and said, to me, "If Lizzy cries while I am gone, I would like you to try to figure out what is wrong and help her. If you can't, just rock her until I get home."

I suggested she try putting Lizzy down for a nap, maybe she'd sleep the whole time that M.G. was at school. M.G. liked that idea and Lizzy went right to sleep. M2 has adopted Josephine and helped her get ready for her nap as well. M.G. told me that Lizzy was excited that Uncle Joe was going to help babysit everyday.

As we were leaving, M.G. made a crying noise and said, "Oh no! Lizzy woke up!" I told her to wait and see if Lizzy went back to sleep on her own. All was quiet and M.G. said, "She must have remembered I was going to be at school and she's waiting for me to come back."

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