Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter break, 1 week left

M2: "I go, be Papa. Be back."

M2: "I Papa! I wear Papa shoes, Papa gloves, Papa hat! I going to work. See you soon. Love you."

I cut M.G.'s bangs this week and suddenly she looked so much older! I like this photo because...1) Look at that shirt, she voluntarily put on something other than her Cinderella dress. (Except that it was laundry day, so The Dress was hanging up to dry.)
2) Her eyes look the same color as the shirt.
3) It reminds me of the generally really good mood she has been in for the last two weeks. It's been a nice winter break and I'm glad that house buying and moving aren't messing up our routine any more.

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C said...

Your daughter is so beautiful!!!