Monday, February 22, 2010

At least she hasn't been too interested in the Skeleton...

Over the weekend I was watching Olympic coverage with the kids. M.G. was enthralled with the little piece on young girls taking skiing lessons at Whistler. She said quietly to herself, "Some of them are my age." She has decided she will be an Olympian when she is grown - she has been working on her spinning and apparently wants to try snowboarding (because they go so high up that back and forth ramp thing), and figure skating. I'll have to see if there is a rink around here.

During the bit on kids skiing, M2 said, "Those girls come to my house?" I'm not sure what his thoughts behind that comment were!

He's been full of sentences lately and still is trying to be a part of the conversation. Almost every day he finds a chance to ask, "Who in your small group Becky? Who in your group at school?" He loves asking questions when we meet up with each other. "How your haircut Mama?" "How work Papa?"

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