Friday, February 26, 2010

Ergo Memory Lane

I was talking with a friend about our Ergo baby carrier a few days ago. Later I had fun reminiscing about all the places we've used ours.

When M2 was a newborn, it was a great way to attend activities that M.G. was interested in while keeping him close and happy. I loved wearing him around the house so that I could get a few extra snuggles in each day.

As he got older, the carrier made it easier to do the dishes, cook, or spend quality time with M.G.
The ergo made airline travel much easier, especially the trip where M2 and I flew alone.
We enjoyed the parks of New York State and took a lot of nature walks. A stroller wouldn't work here...
near Ithaca, NY

or here...
Atlantic City, NJ

We even preferred the Ergo at times when a stroller was an option. Family adventures around town, to the mall, or at the park were easier when M2 could be up with us.
Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY

When we lived in New York we enjoyed sightseeing day trips. The carrier made those trips so much easier because the kids could take turns in the stroller and because the Ergo was more comfortable than the umbrella stroller for napping. (Not to mention how easy it made it to nurse on the go!) I was amazed that M2 would be content in the carrier for hours.
Boston, MA

Trying to reach my coffee and enjoying the attention in Boston.

Bunker Hill Monument on a later trip to Boston

New York City

M2 snoozing at the Statue of Liberty, NYC

Even at the age of 2 we make use of the Ergo at times. Here we were at a cold winter parade - M2 stayed warm in Papa's coat.
Minneapolis, MN

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