Monday, February 08, 2010

Football and music

Last night we went to a Super Bowl party. The 4 of us were there, along with the host, hostess, their 21 month old daughter, and another couple with a 14 month old. We didn't focus much on the game with all the little ones running around. Our kids get very excited about football parties. We had fun watching the Vikings win their division with my parents and there was last year's Super Bowl party. Now this year's big football party seemed to be a playdate where they got to stay up late and eat a lot of junk food.

M.G. cheered for the Colts, just like she did in 2007. She was excited to hear The Who would be playing halftime and I was waiting to see her reaction, since she listened to them all the time during the spring of 2008. When the time came she was too involved in playing to notice much. She liked the fireworks at one point and popped her head up at the start of Baba O'Riley, but then went back to the toys.

We've been listening to the kids' CDs much of the time lately. Especially Olatunji's Drums of Passion (You can listen to samples at the Amazon link.) It's a CD that my drummer brother sent M.G. and is full of wild drumming. It's a fun CD, but I need more variety and miss the days when M.G. would get excited to pick from the grown-up CDs.

In the last week or two M2 has been asking to watch the Laurie Berkner DVD so that he can dance. A handful of times he has requested a specific CD too. For his whole life, M.G. has been the one to pick stuff. She's been picking the music and videos for years. Back in her baby days I'd set out a few CDs just to see which one she'd pick. Then I'd play it and see if she how she responded. She and I didn't have much else going on back then.

She is still pretty opinionated about what we listen to and until recently M2 wouldn't watch TV for more than 5 minutes at a time, so I just let her make those decisions.

So, M2 will get more of a say now. Plus, I'm kind of excited to see what happens when M.G. spends more time at school next year. The new baby will be here and M2 will get a taste of being the oldest for a few hours a day.

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