Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I'm really good at seeing and hearing things!"

Today M.G. had her vision and hearing checked at school. I had turned in the permission slip and pre-screening questions last week and then forgot that today was the day. When I went in for pick-up she was really excited to show me the little certificate they had given her to show that she had her screening done. And, without any questions from me, she told me all about how it went.

For vision she had to look at smaller and smaller pictures of cars and say which were broken. She said she thought a lot about each one, but got them all right.

She wore headphones and pointed to her ear when she heard a sound. The sounds were "different loudnesses" and she said her left ear was much stronger than her right.

According to the paperwork she was within normal for both and her eyesight was 20/20 in each eye. I was happy to see that - her father and I both have strong corrective lenses, so I feel like it will be inevitable for her, but hope that she can wait a few more years.

Last week, when I was filling out the paperwork, M2 asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was answering questions so that M.G. could get her ears tested. She has always hated it when the doctor had to examine her ears and got really upset at the idea of having her ears checked at school. She was ok once I described the process for the test, but I think she still had some nervous feelings about it - I'm glad it was a fun experience for her today.

One of the questions on the sheet was, "Do you often need to raise your voice or repeat things?" I really wasn't sure how to answer that one!

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