Tuesday, February 09, 2010

M2's version of sleep training...

We haven't put much effort into getting M2 to fall asleep on his own or stay in his own bed. We decided that we'd work toward it after Christmas so that he'd be more independent when the baby arrives.

Strangely enough, right after we got back from our travels he drastically cut back on nursing. Now he's just down to bedtime, before nap on the days he doesn't fall asleep on the way home from preschool drop-off, and once in the night.

He now won't fall asleep nursing anymore. We still rock him to sleep, but he has been asking to go to his bed too. He'll usually lay there for 5 to 10 minutes and then ask to be rocked again. Once or twice he's actually fallen asleep in bed if I stay with him. He'll ask for Papa to rock him at times too, which is relatively new at bedtime.

In the night I've been trying to be consistent about putting him back in his own bed if he wakes up. It's just so easy to throw him in the middle and go back to sleep, but he does sleep better if I help him back into his own room.

He has had longer stretches of sleep and fewer night wakings in the last two weeks as well!

So, we're trying to be patient and just see how this goes. Maybe he'll be able to go into bed and fall asleep on his own before the baby arrives and maybe he won't need help getting back to sleep in the night anymore.

I hate to turn it into a stressful situation if he is going to keep improving. But, it is so difficult to not have a say in how quickly this moves. We talk often about if I should totally wean him, night wean him, or if we should quit rocking him to sleep and try to help him fall asleep in his own bed as soon as possible.

I'm cautiously optimistic though. We had such a rough road with M.G., as far as sleep is concerned, and the idea that we perhaps could skip most of that with M2 is huge incentive to let him lead the way for a bit longer.

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Recovering Procrastinator said...

Sounds like he's doing great. I'd just keep following his lead.