Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More school!

Preschool is going well so far. Yesterday M.G. had to "cut with scissors the whole time and it wasn't fun at all and she heard the teachers talking about how she wrote with one hand and cut with the other." Not to worry, they did a lot of things other than cut, as far as I know... or perhaps they are running some sort of craft sweatshop like at the nursing home in Happy Gilmore.

Last week she was telling me about all the jobs kids can have this semester. She got to be calendar helper the first day and this semester they have to write the numbers with a marker instead of attaching a pre-printed number. One of the check-in tasks this week was to trace their name, address, and phone number on a pre-printed page. They have the goal of knowing that info by the end of the year. I like seeing that they are expecting some growth in the kids over the year.

Yesterday I brought her in for check-in and she and one of her friends held hands down the hall and into the classroom. Her friend waited for M.G. to switch her boots for shoes before they did their check-in activity. While she was at that table she was saying hi to everyone. When one of her other good friends showed up they hugged and then M.G. started looking around saying, "'M" needs a sheet. Where can 'M' get her sheet?" It is awesome to see her interacting with her classmates like that because I sometimes worry about how well she connects with people.

A few nights ago Papa asked M.G. if she had fun playing in the indoor play area (called the gross-motor room) that day. She said she enjoyed playing with her friends. Papa asked who she played with and M.G. listed some girl and boy names. Surprsingly she has been mentioning the same two boy names a few times this sememster. Last sememster she "only had girl friends because the boys are too wild." Papa asked if 'D' was really shy (because he seems really shy) and M.G. said, "He's not shy, he just likes to do everything that I am doing."

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David said...

ambidexterity is good sign...helpful for drumming and piano!!