Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the teachers wrote "Rabecca" on her papers. That bugs me too.

Preschool continues to be M.G.'s favorite thing to do. She also likes having weekends to play at home. She was telling me in the car that she is luckier than Papa because she gets to go to school for 4 days, but then gets 3 days to play at home. He only gets 2.

I forgot that if M.G. was bringing Valentine's for her classmates that she'd have to do it today. I remembered when I saw 4 pink goodies in her bin as I dropped her off at school. Her school doesn't celebrate holidays in class, so I know that not everyone will bring treats, but I feel like I dropped the ball a little.

I'm having trouble connecting with the teachers this semester. We think that they are perhaps at the end of their 3rd year, instead of the beginning of their 4th, but we aren't sure. Last semester the teachers would often mention something about class or I picked her up or dropped her off. Or they'd talk with M.G. on her way in or out. Maybe it took a few weeks to get to that point and I'm not giving them enough time to get situated. Something about the attitude is different and I can't quite put my finger on it - they don't seem as enthusiastic or interested in engaging. I can see being less excited about Spring semester, but hopefully they are able to perk it up a bit for class time.

One of the things this preschool tries to do is to connect the learning in class with learning at home. Teacher Amy was really good at giving me an idea of what they were working on or what they did that day. We didn't talk every day, but she'd say "Our group really enjoyed drawing outside today." Or, "Do you use scissors much at home? It seemed to be challenging today." I enjoyed both hearing Amy sound like she was enjoying class and also getting some idea of how M.G. was doing.

I've had the most difficult time crossing paths with Teacher Allison. Either she's busy or not where I can see her most of the times I do drop off or pick up. Today I finally had a chance to ask how the semester was going. Her first response - "Some times your life just sucks." Yikes! She said everything is kind of hitting her at once right now. But then she said that today M.G.'s small group was going to the art lab to find materials to build castles because they are all interested in castles. It helps to remember that the teachers are learning how to be teachers as a part of the process too.

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