Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our visit with Carlos the monkey

This week M.G. got to take care of her class's stuffed monkey. He's named Carlos and has been staying with a different student every 4 days or so. He has a little bio (favorite color: fuchsia) and each family writes a little story in his book about his stay with them. We're also encouraged to take some photos.

The kids were very excited to have Carlos staying with us. M2 latched on to that monkey and just did not want to let go. He would play while holding the monkey and he'd pet it gently. At one point he started rocking it and singing, "I love Carlos, I love Carlos." When M.G. walked by he said, sternly, "Carlos need sleep now. Quiet."

With a lot of oversight, they did manage to share and M.G. got to play with Carlos as much as she wanted. They watched the Olympics together, practiced their ice dancing, read books, danced, and played. Carlos came with us to the grocery store.

M.G. had fun deciding what she wanted for the two photos we took with the disposable camera from the school. Then we took a few more with our digital camera and included them in his book.

Today Carlos returned to school. M2 cried and cried because we had to send Carlos back.

Ice Dancing

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