Thursday, February 11, 2010


On Tuesday we attended an open house at M.G.'s school. It was to promote the book fair, I think, but they had ice cream and book related crafts too. M.G. had fun doing some projects and M2 loved seeing the fish in each classroom, listening to stories, and getting to use glue on a project. They both enjoyed the ice cream, but M2 was disappointed that he wouldn't get any when we took M.G. to school on Wednesday.

We headed home around 7:30 PM, usually the kids are getting into bed at that time, so we haven't seen the stars out lately. As M.G. and I walked into the parking lot we looked up and Orion was huge, right above us. Orion is her favorite constellation, but she's never seen it in the sky. She was very excited!

Earlier in the night, on the way to the open house, she spotted Venus. (That is what she said, I was driving, so I don't know exactly what she saw.) A few blocks later M2 was shouting something we couldn't understand, but M.G. and I were both guessing... "peanuts?" "need us?" "in house?"

Eventually he shouted, "NEAR MOON!" He had been asking about Venus.


capella said...

I think it's the coolest thing ever that your preschool-age children know about stars and planets.

recoveringprocrastinator said...

Go M2! I love when they find another way to get their thoughts across when the first way isn't working. (Have I said that on here before or am I having deja vu?)