Monday, February 01, 2010

The third little monkey - 4 months to go!

I'm having trouble believing that we just have 4 more months until we meet this little one. The pregnancy has been going very well, especially now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, but the weeks are just flying by.

The kids are excited for a new baby. At first M2 had no idea what was going on, but lately he'll pause at random times to yell at my tummy or shout "Boo!" Just a few days ago he started saying, "Baby come out, we give baby jammies." He gets frustrated with M.G. when she teases him by saying the baby is naked right now and he demands we give the baby some clothes.

His comments have helped us clear a few things up with M.G. as well. One afternoon he laughed and said, "Baby getting coffee, take bath with coffee." I let them know the baby wasn't taking a bath in the coffee I was drinking and M.G. said, "Really? The baby isn't with your food?" It just hadn't really come up before. I guess why would she ask if it seemed obvious to her.

We used most of M.G.'s baby gear with M2, but 5 years have passed now and there are some cool things out there we haven't looked at before.

Some of the things we are pondering:
1) Strollers - we just have 2 umbrella strollers now and both are in pretty bad shape, so we're looking for something new. I'd like it to be comfortable for long walks, like taking M.G. to school or walking around town. I don't know if we need a double or single. M.G. was 6 months older than M2 will be when the 3rd is born, plus it will be spring instead of winter. Maybe he'll need to ride more often than she did. It really needs to fold compactly to bring on trips. I'm not sure if we'll find 1 perfect stroller or if we'll need a "home" stroller and an "away" stroller.

2) Diaper bag - I have tried to find a diaper bag that I really love for 5 years. I had one that was nearly perfect, but it had poor construction and started to rip after just a few weeks. I used it all ripped up for almost a year. Our current bag also has some rips in the lining (maybe we are too hard on bags?) so I'm holding out hope again that 3rd baby is the diaper bag charm.

3) Cloth diapers - We used cloth diapers nearly exclusively with M.G., even though we had coin-op laundry in our apartment building. With M2, the laundromat in NY was more expensive and a drive, we went with disposables. Now we're on the fence for baby 3. Both methods have their benefits. Cloth diaper options have also continued to evolve in the last 5 years. I really want to try some of the fancy diapers my friends use, but our stash of prefolds would be economical.

4) Car or mini-van? We learned we can fit 3 car seats across the back of our Neon. But we are not sure if we are comfortable with the safety of that idea. Would loosing 3 or 4 inches between the doors and the car seats put the kids at much of an increased risk? I know that being in a mini-van in general is safer, but the Neon was safe enough (in our minds) for 4 of us. We're trying to pin point why it might not feel safe for 5. We do like the idea of lower gas cost and I really don't want to drive a bigger vehicle - I get stressed out about parallel parking as it is! Here are some details on how car seats would work in the Neon - if you are into researching car seats...
(We wouldn't be able to use M.G.'s Nautilus or M2's Roundabout, but instead would use seats we purchased for our airplane trips. (Scenera and Graco Cargo) Both are safe, but don't have some of the extra features we like. We're looking at buying Radians for the kids if we go this route. They are compact, yet very safe and user friendly seats.)


David said...

jammies are a pretty persuasive argument...!

LutherLiz said...

Hmmm, I'm not much help with these. The only thing I would take into consideration besides the safety of the neon is the realistic easy of buckling all three into the back seat regardless of whether they fit or not. I would think more room might make life easier but it is nice to know it isn't necessary.