Monday, March 01, 2010

I miss the Olympics

We've pushed M.G.'s bedtime back a bit and we ask her to read or play quietly in her room while we are getting M2 to sleep. The past two weeks, we've had the Olympics on at 7 PM and she's spent much of that quiet time on the couch in the room with us.

It was a really fun experience - to have her around and being calm for a bit before bed. The sports held her interest until bedtime some nights, other nights she fell asleep on the couch and we carried her back. A few nights she sat on a chair near my desk and watched me on-line tutor. Since we were in bedtime mode we could ask her to rest quietly and we didn't need to entertain her.

It's a unique type of situation though, I think most evening program is too adult for her and watching a show she is really interested in would wind her up before bed.

Tonight I read for a while in her room while she played with her dollhouse and Papa was rocking M2 in the living room. We'll have to see if we can incorporate some family quiet time now that the games are over.

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