Thursday, March 18, 2010

M2's first Uno lesson

M.G. and I used to play cards every day after lunch when she was about 2 and a half to 3 and a half. Then M2's afternoon nap or M2 himself just made it too difficult. We still play occasionally, especially on the days she doesn't have school. She likes Go Fish and Crazy 8s now.

Today M2 got out some cards and I remembered how we used to play Uno with M.G. when she was younger than he is now. That must have been first child syndrome - when she and I had nothing better to do than play around with things like that. It just seems like M2 is still so young to understand the rules or even how to pick cards.

We gave it a shot this morning. M2 and I were a team and M.G. played against us. She was so patient with him - encouraging him and not minding when he'd mess up her cards or the discard pile.

I was surprised at how well M2 did at picking the matching card. He's known his colors for a while, but I didn't realize he knew what the numbers looked like. Of course we had to give him lots of instruction for every turn- "Do you have a blue or a 7?" - and I handled all of the card drawing and other things like that. But, I was most surprised to see that he'd sit and wait for his turn most of the time and that he just had the interest to stick with it for a couple games.


David said...

Uno is a life skill that I still make use of today!

Jo said...

Wow, waay impressed that you attempted this with both kids! We've done board games w/ W, but not cards, so yesterday I pulled out Go Fish w/ you as my inspiration, and he and I played for over an hour! I am not brave enough to try w/ E in the mix too though. I can't believe M2 knows his colors and #s--awesome! If you haven't heard it recently, you are a fantastic mom!