Friday, March 26, 2010

M.G.'s very favorite show for adults

Papa and I watched the premier of Minute to Win It a few weeks ago with M.G. It's very family friendly and the challenges are all things a 5 year old can really get in to - like blowing a soap bubble across the stage or balancing 5 apples on top of each other - all in 60 seconds or less.

The next weekend was when Grandma and Grandpa B were visiting and on Saturday M.G. started telling them all about it and about the contestant we watched the week before. We had to let her stay up a little later than normal on Sunday to show them what it was all about.

Now, all week she's been talking about her new favorite show that is for grown-ups and how excited she is to stay up and watch it. We've also spent a lot of time talking about seconds, minutes, hours and time keeping.

Last week I tucked her into bed after the show. She was asking a lot of questions and discussing the challenges. "Why do they have to do each thing in a minute?" "I wonder if anyone will win all the money?" "Do you think you could do all of the things?" "I thought the man with the pink shirt would be faster than the other man and he was." and so on...

Then she stopped talking for a while and was thinking. Finally she said, "Do you know what I really wonder?"

"Why was that man wearing a pink shirt?"

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Lucky Cracker said...

She's so awesome! The girls love that show too. We were over at my dad's and he had so me oreo's so of course we had to attempt putting the cookie on our foehead and without using our arms try to get the cookie in our mouth. It was so funny!