Friday, March 12, 2010

New adventures

The kids got to play at a McD's PlayPlace for the first time while we were in Minnesota. It was basically just a couple big staircases that led to a tube system above the ground. M2 was too small to really get into it, although he did go up and down the stairs a couple times. Then he had fun wandering around behind tubes and tables.

M.G. at first only climbed up and down. She said it was too crowded and too scary to go into the tubes. I was ok with that, but then wondered if she just needed a small push. After consulting with her a few times to offer advice and make sure she knew she'd be safe and few false starts on her part she made it through the tubes and into the car!She was so excited and proud - here she is after coming back down.
It was a little scary for me because I wouldn't have been able to pull her out of a tube if she decided she was too scared to keep going, but at the same time it was great to just give her a little advice and have her keep trying until she got it.

M.G. also got her first pair of shoes with laces while we were in MN. It seems like one of those things they want you to know in kindergarten and until now we've been too lazy to mess with laces. She picked them out and calls them her "rock star" shoes - they have hearts and LOVE written on them and are her first pair of Converse.
So far it is kind of frustrating to talk her through it - I'm hoping Papa has some good advice because the laces just look like wet noodles when she's moving them around and other than holding her hands in mine I haven't figured out how to move the process along.

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