Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Spring!

We spent some time outside both days this weekend and it felt so nice to be out in the relatively warmer weather. On Saturday the kids played around in the yard for a while. It's just such a different feeling than apartment living where I always felt a little strange playing outside - like everyone was watching us. I'm looking forward to seeing how we use the yard in the Spring and Summer, since we moved into the house in November and the weather was already getting cold.

I don't have a green thumb at all, but I'm starting to think about planting and gardening and how we'll clean up our yard.

Sunday afternoon we took a family walk to test out the new double stroller that my parents gave us. M.G. tried out her new rain boots too. We had so much snow here that now there are little rivers of water flowing down the side of each street.

Here are the kids testing their new ride. M.G. looks a little cramped due to her coat, but I doubt she'll ride in there much at all anyway. The jump seat in back is removable, so M2 rode up front for most of the ride, but we wanted to try it out as a double. The top seat folds flat for a newborn and the jump seat can go on top of that if we want M2 and the new baby to both use it in the very beginning. I really like that it is not as large as most of the double strollers we looked at and that it actually folds to a smaller size than some of the single strollers we were looking at! I fit it, in its original box, in the trunk with all of our weekend luggage on our way home from MN last week! We had been thinking about buying both a double stroller and a more portable single stroller - so two birds with one stone here.

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