Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baby #3 update.

I had a prenatal visit today and everything is looking good. I'm at about 32 weeks now and starting to feel like I have a little less room and a little more discomfort.

I enjoy seeing how different each child has been in the womb. M.G. moved a lot. Lots of kicks and something that seemed like rolling - where the shape of my tummy would change suddenly as she moved from one side to the other. She was particularly active if I ate sweet things. M2 was fairly laid back. He'd kick enough, but didn't do a lot of big moving or wild motions and I'd actually take the time to count his kicks periodically because it wasn't an all-the-time thing for him.

This baby will be pretty still for large parts of the day, but then will just go crazy with what feels like foot or knee jabs. If you watch at the right times you can see a tiny bump appear in one spot on my stomach and then somewhere else. It really feels like he or she is pushing with her arms and legs to make more room. This baby is also very responsive. If you push on the baby or squeeze when he or she is jabbing it will set off a bunch of wild movements.

For a few months now the baby will start kicking if I am rocking M2 or holding him on my lap for a long time. The kicks are concentrated where M2 is resting, so I wonder if it is the warmth or weight the baby feels.

M.G. is still so excited and really wants the baby to be a girl so that the baby can have all of her old clothes.

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