Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First informative talk...

Yesterday, while supper was cooking, M.G. came into the living room with a stack of papers.

M.G.: Where can I prop these up?

Me: What do you need to do with them?

M.G.: I'm giving a talk and I need to show these.

Me: You could put them up in front of the TV.

M.G.: That's a great idea - then I can point to them with this. (percussion stick)

Me: Can I watch your talk? What is it about?

M.G.: Of course! It is about math, fluoride, and the body.

She proceeded to talk through each of her 6 or 7 visual aids. Most of them were sheets of scratch paper that she uses when she sits next to me when I tutor on-line. She has me write out math problems and then she uses the calculator to solve them. She read each line to me while pointing at it and acting very knowledgeable. There was a picture she drew of a heart and belly button and that was the "body" part of the talk, but she rushed through it. Then she had her sticker from the dentist yesterday that said "fluoride at work" and another page where she wrote "fluoride is good."

The funny thing is that when Papa came in from watering the plants she presented it again and had much more to say about some of the pages. (We found out that the heart was in a chest and the belly button in a tummy and that it was a picture of the inside of the body so it didn't need to have a head or arms.) I had suggested she introduce herself at the beginning, which she did, and she looked at him a few times. (Instead of just looking at the papers, like she did when she was talking to me.)

I have no idea where this came from. Papa and I can't think of a situation she's been in that was a lecture format like this. Maybe the many times that Papa practiced his dissertation defense for us are buried in there some where.

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Linda said...

Maybe it's time to show her how to make a power point!??