Saturday, April 17, 2010

I thought we had a few more years before this milestone...

On Friday morning on the way to the grocery store the kids and I met Papa outside his building at work so that we could drop something off for him. As we left campus M.G. said that she hoped we lived in this town when she was old enough for college so that she could live with us and get to go to college. We'll see how long that idea lasts.

We were talking about how M.G. didn't have school that day, but that the college kids did. And that they were even busy on their weekends with homework and maybe a job. She likes to talk about how many weekend days she has compared to Papa.

She thought college must have a lot of homework because it is the last school you have. It started this conversation:

M.G.: Will I still be a child when I go to college?

Me: College kids are considered adults, but young adults who still might need some help from their parents.

M.G.: But in high school I will be a child?

Me: Yes, high school kids are not quite adults, even though they sometimes look older than kids. In high school you start learning how to be an adult, but your parents still are there to help you figure things out.

M.G.: Yes, I know that, I learned that watching High School Musical 3.

(HSM 3 was on TV at my Aunt's house during supper on Easter. I have no idea what exactly she learned because then M2 saw a Jeep out the window and we all had to say, "Jeep! Jeep!"

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